Short Term Training (STT)

The Objective of Skill Training is to enable the youth to take up industry-relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood. It is for the candidates who are fresh entrants to the sector or unemployed. The Training Program is generally from 200 hrs to 600 hrs according to the nature of the job roles.

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

Hire Apprentices from us and get benefits under the National Apprenticeship Promotions Scheme (NAPS) promoted by the government for India towards hiring apprentices. India now has a very liberal apprenticeship regime - very similar to German and Swiss Vocational Educational Trainings. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is incentivizing the corporates to train and hire apprentices even in non-technical/service/staff level jobs by reimbursing 25% stipend per month per candidate (up to INR 1500/-), in turn helping them meet their long-term workforce requirement by creating a pool of skilled manpower across different sectors. NAPS will directly link the Job Roles to Jobs to create a mutual value addition spiral for the candidates (skills levels) and the employer (business income).

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Courses with under NAPS

Course_name Sector/Industry Eligibility Link
Assistant Operator - Material Handling and Storage V1 Rubber 8th Link
Assistant Operator - Printing and Packaging V1 Rubber 8th Link
Junior Rubber Technician/Technical Assistant Rubber 8th Link
Assembling & Curing Operator- Footwear & Sports Good Rubber ITI Link
Rubber Mixing Supervisor Rubber ITI Link
Rubber Mill Operator Rubber 8th Link
Rubber Product Finishing Operator V1 Rubber 8th Link
Machine Operator_Plastic Blow Moulding Rubber 8th Link
Rubber_Injection Moulding Operator Rubber 8th Link
Rubber_Compression Moulding Operator Rubber 8th Link
Rubber Product-Quality Assurance Supervisor Rubber 12th Link
CAD/CAM Designer_Plastic Product Rubber ITI Link
Rubber_Extruder Operator Rubber 10th Link
Jr. Machine _Operator - CNC Milling of Plastic Rubber 8th Link
Machine Operator- Plastic Recycling Rubber 8th Link
Machine Operator- Plastic Extrusion Rubber 8th Link
Machine Operator_Plastics Processing Rubber ITI Link
Designer_Die and Mould for Plastic Rubber 10th Link
Machine Operator- Plastic Injection Moulding Rubber 8th Link
Machine Operator _Plastics Sacks Rubber 10th Link
Latex Harvest Technician (Tapper) Rubber 5th Link
Assistant Operator_Tyre Retreading - Building & Curing Rubber 5th Link
Rubber Moulding /Curing Supervisor Rubber ITI Link
Processing Technician-Rubber Sheeting Rubber 8th Link
Designer _Plastic Product Rubber ITI & 12th Passed Link

Recognition of Prior Learning – Type 4

While there is an urgent need for skill training across the country, the absence of sufficient training avenues prevents the people from acquiring skill training and certification through formal channels. As a result, most of the skill acquisition takes place through informal channels such as family occupation, on-the-job training under master craftsman, etc. These skills go unrecognized as they are not acquired through formal means and are never formally recognized. This prevents some section of skilled workforce from accessing formal employment opportunities, utilizing their experience to further taking up educational course and benefitting from other career progression opportunities available through formal training system.

This Program is for individuals with prior learning experience through any means. This Training program is for 12 hrs to 80 hrs according to the skill gap identified. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is defined as the process of recognizing previous/ prior learning, often experiential, towards gaining a qualification. The program trains, assesses and certifies those who have acquired their skills informally.