Assessment is the process to evaluate the skills/competencies acquired by the trainee during NOS based training. In order to ensure that the assessment is fair, valid and reliable we follow the robust NOS based assessment process through a third party agency in offline or online mode subjective to the availability of infrastructure and resources. The assessment includes CBT based theory assessment as well as assessor lead on ground practical assessment. To ensure the sanctity of assessment, and to strengthen the process RCPSDC’s assessment subcommittee evaluates the assessment process at regular intervals as per the assessment protocol. We have devised an assessment evaluation matrix basis which the third party agencies are evaluated regularly and penalized or rewarded as per their performance.

RCPSDC Empanelled Assessment Agencies


Accreditation Process

RCPSDC issues Expression of Interest (EOI) for inviting Assessment Agency (AA) to submit their proposals for conducting assessment for fresh and RPL trainings in the rubber, chemical petrochemical sectors as per the guidelines laid down by RCPSDC. The process will comprise of screening and selection based on the supporting documents submitted. Accordingly, marks will be assigned as per document based evaluation will be done based on marking criteria defined in Annexure. A Committee constituted by the RCPSDC will carry out a detailed evaluation of the proposals received by it in order to determine whether they are substantially responsive to the requirements set forth in the Proposal.

EOI (Expression of Interest)
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