Long Term Courses

Bachelor in Vocational Studies (B.Voc)

B. Voc Rubber Technology program was launched in the year 2015. It is equivalent to Bachelor Degree. The curriculum is designed to impart hands on training to the students with the art of Rubber Technology. It emphasizes on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the different processes of Rubber Technology. The students, if they want, can even opt out of the program after the completion of one year of joining the program with “Diploma in Rubber Technology” to their credit. Those who opt out from the program after completing two years are awarded with an “Advanced Diploma in Rubber Technology”. After the completion of three years, the students are awarded with “B. Voc in Rubber Technology” equivalent to Bachelor Degree.

Eligibility: 12th Pass

Dual Certification

The Dual Certification Program has been designed specifically for those students who are pursuing B. Tech in Polymer Technology and Chemical. The course gives knowledge about Rubber and its uses, manufacturing processes, understanding of Tyre Retreading & Reclaim Process and much more.

Eligibility: 12th Pass

Short Term Courses

Natural Rubber

Latex Harvest Technician

Brief: Latex Harvest Technician is responsible for tapping rubber trees to extract optimum yield from the plantation without causing any damage to the trees.

Rubber Nursery Worker General

Brief: Rubber Nursery Worker carries out all the labour oriented nursery activities. He is responsible for the timely completion of all seasonal activities facilitating smooth running of the nursery and production of quality planting materials as envisaged by the organization.

General Worker Rubber Plantation

Brief: He is responsible to carry out all types of physical work related to pre-planting operations, planting and overall maintenance of plantation as specified by the organization. He is responsible for the timely completion of all seasonal work assigned to him.

Manufacturing Sub Sector

Mill Operator

Brief: The mill operator is responsible for feeding the rubber into the two roll mixing machine and carry out mixing and warming of rubber as per cycle times.

Eligibility: 8th Pass

Compression Moulding Operator

Brief: The compression moulding machine operator is responsible for operating the machine and feeding the rubber compound and other required materials into the machine for making rubber parts.

Eligibility: 8th Pass

Injection Moulding Operator

Brief: The Injection moulding operator is responsible for feeding the rubber compound/strip into the Injection moulding machine for making rubber parts

Eligibility: 8th Pass

Junior Rubber Technician

Brief: He is required to co-ordinate with team members and assist the operators / supervisors to carry out activities as per the production processes of the company. He/she should understand the importance of the activity / task undertaken by him/her in the manufacturing processes and support the operators / supervisors to ensure set standards are achieved within the work area.

Eligibility: 8th Pass

Material Handling and Storage Operator

Brief: Material Handling and Storage Operators are responsible to work for the proper loading/ unloading, locating in assigned locations, assembling of rubber products, packaging and storage of the material. He is responsible for sending the approved material to manufacturing by ensuring quality, quantity, FIFO and age limits and also to send the packaged final product as per the delivery order/order sheet to the internal and external customer/s.

Eligibility: 8th Pass

Pneumatic Tyre Moulding Operator

Brief: The pneumatic tyre moulding operator is responsible for loading a green tyre in a curing press fitted with proper tyre mould, operate the press to cure/vulcanize the tyre, extract the cured tyre from mould. Press, inspect and place the tyre on PCI ring for cooling under specified air pressure.

Eligibility: 8th Pass