RCPSDC (erstwhile RSDC) is a sector skill council for Rubber, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors in India. Just before the outbreak of the Covid 19, Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC) which was constituted in 2012 as the sector skill council for the Rubber sector was bestowed with the charge of skilling requirements in the Chemical and Petrochemical (CPC) sectors too.

The new enlarged entity RCPSDC got down to business in right earnest despite Covid-induced challenges. The priority has been to widen the infrastructure to replicate the learning and practices of Rubber in CPC vertical too. RCPSDC has been intensely involved in skill training in the rubber sector for the last 10 years and has largely completed the development of Qualifications (earlier known as QPs) spanning Rubber (natural and synthetic) production, Rubber products/ tyre manufacturing and Tyre Services & Maintenance. The target now is to train as many as possible to equip them with the requisite skills. In recent months, as many as 17 Qualification and model curriculum of the plastic sector including 3 for TOY industries have been approved and uploaded on Skill India Portal (SIP).

09 qualifications of plastic sector and 6 Qualifications for the chemical sector are under development including future skills job roles. Framing up of National Occupational Standards (NOS) & conducting Skill Gap Analysis (SGA) is fundamental to undertake skill training of any sector.

Accordingly, sub committees have been formed for NOS and SGA with the members nominated by the Petrochemical stakeholders. Much like the Rubber sector, the industry outreach has begun in the CPC vertical too. Several sessions have been held with industry associations to help them meet their requirements for skilled manpower successfully.

RCPSDC is now an NCVET recognised Awarding Body. The National Council of Vocational Education and Training (NCVET), notified on December 5, 2018 has been set up as an overarching umbrella regulator establishing regulations and standards to ensure quality in the TVET space.


Provide skilled manpower to meet the requirement of the Industry by creating an ecosystem of skill development in the rubber, chemical and petrochemical sectors.


Develop National Occupational Standards (NOS) for various job roles with the help of the feedback obtained from the industry.


Understand the skill requirement in the rubber, chemical and petrochemical industries and help plan for capacity building through Skill Gap Analysis (SGA).


Frame affiliation process for the training organizations for short-term and mid-term courses in various trades.


Ensure quality in training delivery by affiliated institutes.


Conduct assessments and certification of the trainers, assessors and trainees.




To achieve the best standards of skilling & training in the Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical sectors, thereby contributing to the Indian economy & enhancing the livelihood of its youth. Our Dream is to make India a ‘skilled resource’ for the entire world in the Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical verticals and to eliminate the skill gap in these sectors. We focus on skill development & play a dynamic role in the accomplishment of the “Skill India” mission.



To ensure the generation of skilled manpower in the Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical sectors, to provide employment opportunities to youth across the nation, to create career paths in the roles existing within the unorganized and organized segments of these sectors and to ensure an active participation of the industry in the absorption of skilled manpower generated through RCPSDC.


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